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Boo that we couldn’t treat all the readers participating in our third annual KHN Halloween Haiku Contest to their moment of gory glory. Your entries — like our health care system — ranged from frighteningly complex to haunting. And, based on a review by our panel of never-say-die judges, here’s the winner and a sampling of finalists. Also, keep an eye on KHN’s social media accounts for more of our favorites. Enjoy!


The Motel sign blinks
‘Vacancy For The Unvaxxed’
Norman Bates walks in

— Carrie Moores (@carrielmoores)

Inspiration: In Maine, Vaccine Mandate for EMTs Stresses Small-Town Ambulance Crews


Silence from the graves
Marks the vaccine resistance;
Public Health horror.

— Jean Gearing

Inspiration: Study: If More Adults Had Shots, 90,000 People Wouldn’t Have Died Since June

Candy, popcorn balls,
and a quick jab in the arm,
this year’s treats for kids.

— Bradley Steffens (@SteffensBradley)

Inspiration: Starting This Week, States Can Place Covid Shot Orders For Kids Ages 5 To 11

Billing code for a
telehealth exorcism?
Asking for a friend

— Joseph Reblando (@ReblandoPR)

Ghosts, globulins, rats!
Lipoproteins and black cats!
Skeletons, trans fats!

— Timothy Kelley

Social media
Making monsters of us all;
Frankenstein lives on!

— Mark Fotheringham

Inspiration: US Politicians, Social Media Are Main Source For Misinfo, Americans Think

Once the bill arrived
For my short hospital stay
Death seemed much cheaper

— Amanda

(Hannah Norman/KHN Illustration)

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