The SRTF Delivers Medical Equipment and Consumables to Health Clinics in Deir Ez-Zor – Syrian Arab Republic – ReliefWeb

Deir Ez-Zor- Sunday, October 31, 2021- In support of the two recently launched Primary Health Care Centers (PHCCs) as part of its health intervention; “Provision of Primary and Specialized medical Services in Deir Ez-Zor Governorate”, the SRTF delivered additional equipment, medications, and consumables under this health intervention in Deir Ez-Zor today.

The delivered items included equipment such as an electrocardiogram ECG, two ultrasound machines with two probes, one portable AED with adult and pediatric defibrillator pads, three baby delivery chairs, two open infant incubators, dry heat sterilizer, in addition to various laboratory equipment. The delivery also included a variety of medications, medical consumables and PPE kits that include hands sanitizers, surgical masks, latex gloves, liquid soap, protective gowns, alcohol, surface disinfectant, medical waste bags, rubber boots, medical waste bins with covers, sodium hypochlorite solution and other items.

The two clinics will offer pediatric, internal medicine, reproductive health and labor related services, a nutrition clinic, mental health & psychological support, a dental clinic, a laboratory, and an emergency clinic to the direct benefit of around 119,028 beneficiaries.

With a total budget of EUR 2.5 million and a duration of eight months, this intervention will focus on five main activities that address critical issues in the health sector in Deir Ez-Zor namely; the provision of primary healthcare services, supporting a medical laboratory supporting a blood bank, supporting the Thalassemia center, personal protective equipment (PPE) for schools this intervention is expected to benefit around 202,124 people in addition to over one million beneficiaries in Deir Ez-Zor indirectly.

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Provision of Primary and Specialized Medical Services in Deir Ez-Zor Governorate

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