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FRANKFORT, Ky. (WKYT) – Kentuckians can begin signing up for health care coverage through kynect.

Health officials we spoke with are calling this a win for Kentuckians.

Starting Monday, you can go online and page through health coverage options just like you could eight years ago.

Officials from the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky say that, given the time we’re in, this is huge.”

“We know the more people who can easily sign up for health care coverage and have better access to healthcare, the better off we all are as Kentuckians,” said Allison Adams, Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky, VP of Policy.

In 2013, kynect was first rolled out as part of the Affordable Care Act. In 2016, that program which serves as a database of health care providers and insurance options for Kentuckians was done away with.

Now, it’s back.

Adams says they know the impact this one-stop shop can have because they saw the worry that happened when it went away.

“We saw the impact that it had on Kentuckians who were used to having that coverage and were worried that that access was going to be denied to them,” said Adams. “Policies like these ensure that Kentuckians have access to the health care coverage that they need.”

The site allows Kentuckians to page through health coverage options, signup and enroll. All from the ease of one website.

Adams says her organization is glad to see the program resurface and calls it a good first step in the fight for Kentuckian’s health care.

“This is huge. This is a piece. It’s kind of like we got this win, if you will, for Kentuckians, but also know that there’s a lot of work ahead of us in order to make sure that Kentuckians have the equitable opportunity for health,” Adams said.

Open enrollment will remain open until January 15.

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