COVID-19 Vaccines At VA – North Florida/South Georgia Veterans Health System

VA health facilities

We offer COVID-19 vaccines at many VA health facilities and clinics. 

We encourage you to go to the same location for both vaccine doses. But if it’s more convenient, you can go to any VA facility that offers the same type of vaccine as your first dose. Simply find a facility that offers the vaccine you need.

To learn about your facility’s current plan, go to the facility’s website. Once you’re on the site, go to Health care services, then COVID-19 in the menu.

Find your nearest VA facility that offers COVID-19 vaccines

Community care facilities

Urgent care locations and retail pharmacies in our community care network also offer COVID-19 vaccines to Veterans. These locations follow their local, state, or territory vaccine plans. Veterans don’t receive priority over others seeking vaccines at these locations.

If you’re enrolled in VA health care and you go to a community care location to get a COVID-19 vaccine, download our pharmacy billing information card (PDF). Show the card to the provider before you get your vaccine.

Learn more about how to get a COVID-19 vaccine from a community provider

We encourage you to take the first opportunity you have to get a vaccine at the most convenient location for you. 

Find other vaccine providers near you on the CDC vaccine finder website

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