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CTG overview:

  • CTG stands for Committed To Good. With an ethical approach at the heart of all that we do, it is a description that makes us proud. Respect for the fundamental human rights of our staff, and those our staff encounter, is a cornerstone of our values. We strive for gender equality, inclusion and diversity, providing fair and equal opportunities for all. We take a zero tolerance approach to corruption and stay true to local labour laws and all local statutory requirements. In operation since 2006, today we are honoured to serve clients in 15 fragile and conflict-affected states assisting with disaster relief, peace building, humanitarian aid and development programmes through our specialised recruitment, HR management and operational services.

Overview of position:

  • Our client supports partners to build a better future by providing services that increase the efficiency, effectiveness & sustainability of peace building, humanitarian & development projects. They are mandated as a central resource of the UN & our client provides sustainable project management, procurement & infrastructure services to a wide range of govt’s, donors & UN organizations.
  • As part of their duty of care, our client commits to ensuring that people do not fall sick or sustain injuries when the organisation carries out its operations. In line with its health & safety improvement initiative, hence our client has introduced a zero tolerance approach to poor health & safety performance & is seeking the services of a consultant to conduct HSSE management inspections, identifying issues & recommended corrective actions. The person hired will support country teams under the regional office to carry out HSSE inspections & systems review in selected project sites to address the absence of adequate health & safety controls & ensure that their operations are complying with HSSE requirements.

Functional responsibilities:
Technical advisory support:

  • Supporting the head of office in establishing effective performance monitoring of health & safety for the projects & the office.
  • Support Heads of Programs, Project Managers & project teams in implementing health & safety requirements.
  • Evaluate practices & procedures at our clients premises & construction sites in the region to assess risk & adherence to their internal HSSE requirements.
  • Review HSSE plans to ensure project implementation is fully aligned to intrenal HSSE guidelines.
  • Review risk assessments, inspections, incident investigations, other reports & offer advice to field teams to ensure that good practices are upheld.
  • Assist field teams to correct deviations from health & safety requirements including managing breaches of requirements & poor performance by personnel & contractors.

Monitoring performance & addressing incidents:

  • Carry out inspections & system reviews to ensure that our clients operations are complying with HSSE requirements.
  • Carry out incident investigations.
  • Follow up on actions to address non conformities or issues raised in incident investigations, inspections & audits to ensure that the issues have been effectively addressed & lessons learned shared.
  • Carry out actions to improve the effectiveness of health & safety critical controls in the field offices.
  • Use trend analysis of monitoring data from field offices for the purposes of addressing poor performance.
  • Carry out initiatives to support the improvement of health & safety culture including ensuring that actions in the organisation’s safety improvement plan are carried out.

Training & knowledge management:

  • Develop & implement training programs to improve the capacity of our clients personnel, contractors & partners in implementing their health & safety requirements.
  • Facilitate practical training for contractors & project teams so that they ‘learn by doing’ & ensure continuous safe operations during project execution.
  • Be the focal point for health & safety knowledge building & knowledge sharing across the region with a focus on context specific good practices.
  • Support the development & implementation of other HSSE initiatives as assigned by the regional office.

Functional responsibilities that are specific to inspections:

  • The work package will involve carrying out inspections & system reviews to ensure that our clients operations are complying with HSSE requirements:
  • Plan the inspection by coordinating inspection scope with the Project Manager.
  • As part of the inspection process, familiarise & review risk assessments, HSSE procedures & the previous performance of the site (incident investigations & other reports, past inspections & records of training) & offer advice to field teams to ensure that good practices are upheld.
  • Evaluate HSSE practices & procedures at the selected client premises & construction sites in the country to assess risk & adherence to our clients HSSE requirements.
  • Follow up on actions to address non conformities or issues raised in past inspections to ensure that the issues have been effectively addressed & lessons learned shared.
  • Conduct a thorough walkthrough & check all the areas in the workplace for both the immediate hazards & risks & those that may be less obvious such as exposure to chemicals.
  • Interview shop floor workers, supervisors & site managers to ensure that equipment, procedures, practices, competencies & behaviours are aligned to safe work.
  • Find out about incidents that have not been reported to our client (check site records & speak with workers to find out about incidents that occurred), challenges that the construction teams are facing & possible solutions that the teams believe would help them to meet HSSE requirements & industrial good practices.
  • Carry out actions to improve the effectiveness of health & safety critical controls in the selected sites.

Inspections output:

  • Discussion with the site team to ensure that the observations made & the corrective actions proposed are well understood.
  • Inspection report outlining the inspection findings.
  • The inspection findings should clearly outline what is the gap or nonconformance observed & what action should be performed to correct the observed deviation. Inspections should also highlight good practices that address key / critical hazards.
  • The report should be completed using our clients standard inspection report (HSE05) & should clearly indicate the location of the various HSSE identified issues & the category of the inspection based on the work activities / areas inspected i.e. emergency procedures, high risk activities, traffic management, general site layout etc.
  • The report should include pictures for the observations made on the various work activities during the inspection, priority for closing the findings (using a risk based approach).
  • Inspection reports should be submitted to the Project Manager & the HSSE unit at HQ.

Project reporting:

  • This role will directly report to the HSSE unit in our clients HQ as well as work closely with other relvant staff in country of operations.

Key competencies:

  • An advanced university degree (Master’s or equivalent) in occupational health & safety / environmental, health & safety, engineering or a related field & 5 years of experience OR A first level university degree (Bachelor’s or equivalent), in occupational health & safety / environmental health & safety, engineering a related field and 7 years of relevant experience OR A tertiary education diploma (Technical / Professional Diploma or equivalent), in occupational health & safety/ environmental health & safety, engineering or related field & 9 years of relevant experience.
  • Experience in health & safety risk assessments, inspections & incident investigation is required.
  • Experience in conducting on site health & safety inspections particularly for safety critical tasksis required.
  • Experience in ISO standards particularly ISO 45001 is an asset.
  • Experience in managing & implementing projects’ related health & safety matters is an asset.
  • Full working knowledge of English & any other locally spoken langauges.
  • Develops & implements sustainable business strategies, thinks long term & externally in order to positively shape the organization. Anticipates & perceives the impact & implications of future decisions & activities on other parts of the organization.
  • Treats all individuals with respect, responds sensitively to differences & encourages others to do the same. Upholds organizational & ethical norms.
  • Maintains high standards of trustworthiness. A role model for diversity & inclusion.
  • Acts as a positive role model contributing to the team spirit. Collaborates & supports the development of others.
  • Demonstrates understanding of the impact of own role on all partners & always puts the end beneficiary first. Builds & maintains strong external relationships & is a competent partner for others (if relevant to the role).
  • Efficiently establishes an appropriate course of action for self & / or others to accomplish a goal. Actions lead to total task accomplishment through concern for quality in all areas. Sees opportunities & takes the initiative to act on them. Understands that responsible use of resources maximizes their impact on their beneficiaries.
  • Open to change & flexible in a fast paced environment. Effectively adapts own approach to suit changing circumstances or requirements. Reflects on experiences & modifies own behaviour. Performance is consistent, even under pressure. Always pursues continuous improvements.
  • Evaluates data & courses of action to reach logical, pragmatic decisions. Takes an unbiased, rational approach with calculated risks. Applies innovation & creativity to problem solving.
  • Expresses ideas or facts in a clear, concise & open manner. Communication indicates a consideration for the feelings & needs of others. Actively listens & proactively shares knowledge. Handles conflict effectively, by overcoming differences of opinion & finding common ground.

Team management:

  • This role has no team management responsibility.

Further information:

  • Preference would be given to relevant & qualified national applicants.
  • Qualified female candidates ar ehighly encouraged to apply for this role.
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